How to Use Roku Remote?

After the setup process of the Roku Streaming Stick is done, the next step is to know how to use Roku Remote. The remote which is provided for the Roku device is similar to the Streaming Stick provided, but there is a slight variation to use.

how to use roku remote

Steps to Use the Roku Remote

  • First press the Home icon button on the Roku remote.
  • On pressing it, you will see the operational categories and the list of input streaming apps.
  • While watching the content if you press the Home button, it will be interrupted. Click the back arrow button to go back to the previous screen.
  • You can also tune your settings. By clicking on the button More options (*), you can access detailed options like picture size, audio effect, and advanced settings. You can adjust all these options as per your preferences.
  • To organize your channels, click the Home button on the Roku TV remote first.
  • Press on the Right arrow to access channels and click the More options button.
  • Select the Move channel option. Move the channel to your preferred location and then press OK on the remote.
  • You can also control the playback option by clicking on the play, forward, reverse, rewind, and pause button on the remote.
  • To adjust the volume, you will find the mute, volume down, and volume up button on the right side of the Roku TV remote.
  • These are the basic steps for how to use roku remote.

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