How to Turn Off Roku TV?

The Roku TV is an HDMI stick or video player which streams content by connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi . After watching the content, you may want to turn it off, so put it on the Stand by Mode or restart it.

how to turn off roku tv

Steps to Turn Off Roku TV

All Roku devices do not have the Turn On/Off button as they are designed to run constantly and download updates. Power off the Roku Streaming Player by unplugging it from your viewing device. If you are plugged in the to Roku with an AV cord, then unplug it from television, If you are plugged in the Roku with an HDMI cord, then unplug it from the HDMI port. Now discard the power adapter from the Roku player. It will completely turn it off.

How to Restart Roku TV?

Restart Roku by completely unplugging the device and plugging it back on. Another way is to restart your remote, press the power buttons five times continuously then press the up arrow button once, followed by the rewind button twice. Now press the fast forward button twice, by following our how to turn off roku tv & restart solutions you can easily complete a process.

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