How to Pair Roku Remote?

There are different methods for How to Pair Roku Remote: Pairing a new remote, and un-pairing a Roku remote.

how to pair roku remote

Steps to Pair a New Remote

  • On your Roku remote, go to the Home menu by clicking on the Home icon.
  • Scroll down for Settings on the Category menu on the left.
  • On the Settings, click the Remote option and then the Select pair remote option.
  • The screen will now display you the remote that’s currently paired.
  • Click the Right arrow option and it will display the instructions to pair. Follow the instructions to pair the new remote.

How to Unpair Roku Remote?

  • To unpair a Roku remote, press and hold the Home, Back, and Pairing button simultaneously on the remote for three to five seconds.
  • The indicator light will blink three times. To confirm, you just press randomly any button on the remote. If the Roku doesn’t respond to you, it means un-pairing of the remote is completed, We hope that you have satisfied with the how to pair roku remote and un pair roku remote solutions.
how to un pair roku remote

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