Video Streaming Netflix

To download content from the Netflix app, connect your Android or Apple device to a network. Install the Netflix app after downloading it for free. Launch the Netflix application and sign in to your Netflix account. Click on your favorite movie or web series from the tiles appearing on the home screen of the Netflix app. Locate the Download button and select the preferred quality. Click OK to save your settings and start downloading the show by referring how to download video streaming netflix steps below,

video streaming netflix

How to Download Streaming Movies From Netflix?

To know how to download the Netflix programs and watch it offline, read the steps given below

  • Ensure your Android or Apple device has enough charge to operate and storage to download.
  • Connect your mobile device to a wireless network or use the mobile data to stream and download the online content.
  • Open the App or Play Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or Android device.
  • Search for the Netflix application and install it on your mobile device.
  • If the Netflix app is already installed, check that your app is up to date.
  • If the Netflix app is not up to date, tap the Update tab to download and install the latest version of the application.
  • Netflix app is free to download from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Launch the Netflix app on your mobile device once it is installed or updated.
  • Once the Netflix app is launched successfully, sign in to your Netflix account.
  • If you do not have an account already, then you can sign up as a new user and use the one-month free trial.
  • Once you have successfully signed in to your account, tap the Menu button which is situated at the top-left corner of your device screen.
  • Tap the Available for Download option to download video streaming netflix.
  • If the option is not available, you are using an older version of Netflix or your country/region does not have any movies available for offline viewing.
  • Search and find the online shows that you wish to download.
  • Play the video and tap the Download button.
  • The Download button appears like a downward pointing arrow.
  • If the download button is not present, then the video can be streamed only through online mode and cannot be downloaded for offline viewing.
  • If the online content is downloading, wait until the download process completes and the Download Complete notification appears.
  • Press the Menu button and tap the My Downloads option.
  • Locate the downloaded video content from the list of downloaded files, tap the movie tile, and enjoy watching it offline, by following steps for how to download netflix streams.

Solution for How to Watch TV Shows From Netflix?

    To watch TV show video streaming netflix, open the Netflix app on your mobile device or browse the site on your browser. Sign in to your Netflix account. Create a new account if you do not have one already. Search for your favorite TV shows using the Search option. Swipe through the tiles that display on the app home screen and play your favorite TV show by just tapping it.

  • It is possible to sign up for Netflix on devices like mobile phones, television, and computer. If you are using a computer, browse the Netflix website on your web browser.
  • You can also access the Netflix site on your smartphone using the Chrome browser.
  • If you have a smartphone (Android or Apple), download the Netflix app from Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to install the Netflix app on your smartphone.
  • Launch the application once it is properly installed on your smartphone.
  • Click the sign in option if you have an existing account, and enter the login details to access your account.
  • If you are not an existing user, then press the Sign Up option. Enter the Email address and password. Re-enter the password once again to confirm it.
  • On all devices, video streaming netflix will be free for the first month. To avail the free trial, click the Join Free for a Month option.
  • Choose a plan which you need to subscribe to. Even though the first month is free, you need to enter the payment details like credit or debit card number for verification.
  • If you have a Netflix gift card, enter the card number to use the gift credit to sign in to the premium account. Choose the device on which you are planning to stream.
  • After completing the log in steps, come back to the Netflix home screen.
  • Swipe the Movies and TV shows tiles to find your favorite shows from the list of available options.
  • If you find a favorite program tile, tap it to play.
  • If you want to watch TV shows on Desktop, open a web browser that supports high-quality video streaming.
  • To get the best video quality video streaming netflix, browse the Netflix site through Internet Explorer (1080p), Microsoft Edge (up to 4K), Safari (1080p), Firefox, or Chrome (720p maximum).
  • Click the Sign in tab and log in using proper username and password.
  • Use your mouse wheel to scroll and search for your favorite programs.
  • Use the search option to type a movie or TV show name and search.
  • You can also search your favorite shows or films by title, actor, or genre.
  • If you find your favorite program, press the Play button to start watching the program online.

How to Record Video Streaming Netflix in Mac?

 To record the Netflix online streaming video on your Mac computer, link your Mac computer to a network connection and take a glance at the Open Broadcast Software website. OBS site allows you to record the things on your computer display that also helps you to capture the online streams on Netflix.

Steps to record Netflix Streaming video in Mac computer 

  • Turn on your Mac computer and connect it to a network connection that has high-speed internet access.
  • Look at the Open Broad Software (OBS) website (
  • OBS is an open-source and free program that will allow you to record the computer’s display easily.
  • Using the screen capturing technology, you can also capture the online shows video streaming netflix on app.
  • The OBS site is entirely free to use and an ads-restricted site. It is a non-profitable program.
  • You can use the OBS site on Windows, Mac, and Linux computer.
  • Click the Download OBS Studio button on the web page and wait until the download process completes.
  • Open the Installer file from the browser download path and start the installation process.
  • Follow the prompts shown on the computer screen to install the OBS.
  • To avoid any malware or virus, download the OBS file from the OBS website.
  • If the installer prompts you to start the OBS automatically while finishing the installation process, proceed with the Yes or OK option.
  • Click the Settings button which is at the bottom-right corner of the Open Broad Software window.
  • Click the Hotkeys tab which will help you to create a shortcut tab to start and stop the recording process without accessing the OBS program.
  • The Hotkeys shortcut is handy to record everything on your Mac computer’s screen.
  • Click the Start Recording field or press the keys combination that you want to use. When you want to end the recording, tap the Stop Recording option.
  • To start the video streaming netflix screen recording, press CTRL + SHIFT + F11 key combination. Press CTRL + SHIFT + F12 key combination to stop the screen recording.
  • Click the Output tab to choose the recording quality. Locate the Browse option in the Recording Path field to select the folder or file destination to save all your recordings.
  • Choose the video format and other recording settings. Open the Google Chrome or Firefox browser which allows you to record the screen, whereas the Internet Edge browser will not let you record the screen.
  • Open Netflix, log in to your account, tap the video that you want to play and pause immediately, and then start the screen recording process.
  • Enable full screen and start the screen recording process. Stop the video recording when the video ends.

John Wick Streaming Netflix

John Wick is an American action movie which is available on Netflix. You can perform video streaming netflix. To watch the film on Netflix, install the Netflix app on your mobile and launch it. Start searching for the name JOHN WICK on the search box and enjoy watching the movie after finding it on Netflix.

How to Stream and watch John Wick on Netflix?

  • Turn on your Android mobile and ensure it has enough power to operate.
  • Turn on the mobile data on your Android phone.
  • If you are not subscribed to any mobile data services, then connect the device to an available wireless router connection.
  • Open the Google Play Store application on your phone.
  • Search and install the Netflix application on your Android device.
  • Tap Open to launch the application, or tap the app icon on the App drawer to launch the application.
  • If you are already using the Netflix app, then check whether you have installed the updated version of the app.
  • If you are not using the updated version, download and install the latest version from Google Play Store.
  • Once the update is done, launch the application and press the Menu symbol.
  • Click Sign in if you are an existing user. Enter the proper login credentials to sign in to your account.
  • In case you are a new user, create a new account and sign in.
  • If you have any Netflix gift card, enter the coupon code and use the premium subscription.
  • The Netflix app always provides a one-month free subscription to premium service for all its users.
  • In case you are a new user, press the Join Free for a Month option to avail the premium service at no cost for a month.
  • Type John Wick in the search box and start searching. If you find the movie tile on the app screen, tap it to stream and enjoy watching video streaming netflix.

John Wick 2 Streaming Netflix

You can stream John Wick 2 via Netflix on various devices like computer, Smartphone, Laptop, Smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku device in various video qualities. Let’s explore multiple ways to stream John Wick 2 on Netflix in different devices in the how to download netflix streams article given below,

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