How to Setup Chromecast on TV?

Chromecast is a device in which you can plug into the TV’s HDMI port, powered by a USB cable. You can use Chromecast to access video from YouTube, NetFlix, Hulu, Google Play Store, and other services using the smartphone or computer as the remote control. You can use it to stream any kind of content from the Chrome browser on the system. You will need a Chromecast dongle, an HDTV with a spare HDMI port, a stable Wi-Fi connection, and a mobile or computer device. The Chromecast stick includes a power adaptor and a USB cable for power. If the television has a USB port, you can plug the power cable right in. Else, you can also use the wall adapter. You can control the device using tablets or smartphones running on iOS or Android OS, as well as systems running on the Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. Chromecast acts as a transmitter between the TV and the streaming video provider, like a cable box or an antenna. Netflix broadcasts content to Chromecast which displays on the TV. Chromecast is the gadget which helps to watch content on a big screen rather than watching in smartphones, tablets, or systems, Follow Below for How to Setup Chromecast on TV.

how to setup chromecast on tv

Instant Steps to Setup Chromecast on TV

  • Plug in the Chromecast device to the TV. Now, download the Google Home app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store. If you are using the Chromecast device in the computer, just use Google Chrome. You don’t need to download the Home app.
  • Choose Devices in Google Home. Choose Set up and select Continue when asked. You should see whether the code in both the app and TV screen match or not. Choose Yes. You can also adjust privacy and guest options on the screen.
  • Connect the Chromecast device to the internet by either getting the password from the mobile device or input it manually. Sign in to the Google account to access the content on YouTube and any movies and music.
  • Chromecast has access to video & audio content for many services. Now, Google keeps track of many of these on the official site, though there is no comprehensive list. Since Google revealed the software development kit for Chromecast, new apps have been coming up frequently for more numbers.
  • You can also control Chromecast with your voice. You need to route the Chromecast device commands through a Google Home Device, but you can give vocal commands through the Google Assistant directly. Due to its small size and easy setup, Chromecast is portable and can be carried for travel, Keep Follow Our How to Setup Chromecast on TV Steps.
  • Similar to video-focussed ones, the Chromecast Audio device plugs into speakers to stream music over Wi-Fi. It works with Pandora, Spotify, and Google Play Music and controlled by Android devices, computers, or iOS devices.
  • The Chromecast Ultra resembles the 1080p counterpart in which it has a circular USB dongle that can attach magnetically to the own HDMI connector.
  • The Chromecast Ultra is a bit bigger than the 1080p Chromecast. It has 2.3 inches in diameter. This type of Chromecast can draw power from a TV’s USB port. The Chromecast Ultra needs a constant connection to an outlet for functioning.
  • If the entertainment center’s surge protector is full already, get ready to play musical wires, else use an extension cord. The cord is about 5.5 feet long.
  • You can get the apps like Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go/Now Google Play Movies \TV /Music, Pandora, Spotify, Crackle, YouTube, and dozens of other music and video providers.
  • There are decent games like Just Dance. Opening programs took more than 5 seconds and apps like Crackle achieved full HD resolution. This is also highly dependent on the internet connection, i.e., in a strong connection it can run very very fast, Our how to setup chromecast on tv steps continues to the next step.
  • You can control a Chromecast via a computer or mobile device rather than a remote. Rather than streaming content directly from the smartphone, computer, or tablet, Chromecast receives instructions and then streams material right from the web. Also, with the help of the apps, you can also stream content directly from the computer and mobile devices. Chromecast is one of the cheapest devices available. Chromecast is just a receiver and does not have its navigable menu. Whether you are using Mac, Windows, Chrome OS or Linux on a laptop or system, broadcasting the content to Chromecast is simple.
  • After the initial setup, tap the Broadcast button on the content and it will appear on the big screen. Using a Chromecast with a mobile is easy. For a tablet or smartphone, i.e., Android or iOS device, the process is nearly the same. Once you download the Chromecast mobile app, you can get content YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, and other popular services.
  • Tabcasting or Google Cast is a utility that allows you to broadcast anything to your TV from Chrome running on the system. Move to the site you need to see and click the Google Cast Button in the browser. Chromecast will work with any home Wi-Fi network, but if your privacy settings are restrictive, for how to setup chromecast on tv you will need to set your router to make an exception.
  • This process varies by the router, but one thing you will need in every case is the device’s Media Access Control (MAC) address. Look at the bottom of the Settings page on the Chromecast app for the computer.
  • The original has a rectangular stick with a circular handle while the new model has gone full circle.
  • The new one is a round disc measuring for about 2 inches in diameter and roughly 3 inches thick. Now, Google also added a splash of color to the mix.
  • The colors like a bright red face that Google calls as the Coral, Yellow as Lemonade, and basic black. The color is a fairly welcome addition as the bright shades are pleasing. The HDMI plug attaches to the rest of the Chromecast via a 4-inch cable.
  • When not in use, the plug folds against the back of the Chromecast, with magnets holding everything in place for easy transmit or storage. The best feature in new Chromecast is the power cable which is 5 feet long.
  • Whether you power up from a USB port on you TV or connect to a nearby electrical outlet or power strip, the Chromecast’s power cable should be long enough to reach whatever power source you use. In case of a factory reset, open the Home app on the smartphone for modern Chromecasts.
  • Open the Settings menu and choose the Factory reset option from the menu. Confirm the choice by choosing OK. For older Chromecasts, open the Chromecast app on the computer. Select Settings and tap Factory Reset. You can also reset by tapping and holding the black button on the device manually. Right below the micro USB port, there is a button. Tap and hold it for 25 seconds when the Chromecast is hooked up to the TV.
  • When the light next to it begins to blink, you can proceed. After one or two minutes, the device will get reset and try the initial steps for how to setup chromecast on tv process again.
  • You can also view Facebook on a big screen. To send a Facebook Live broadcast to a TV, ensure that the device you are casting from and the TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, open a Facebook live broadcast and hit the Cast icon that appears on the screen. If you use Google Slides, you can present the presentation with Chromecast since Google Cast is built into Chrome. 23. Select the Present option on the top-right corner of the presentation, choose Present on another screen, and select the Chromecast device.
  • You can use the Photos app or choose from Google’s selection of landscape photography, beautiful art, and satellite images to switch up the Chromecast background with Ambient mode. In the Google Home app, press the icon for Chromecast.
  • Choose Device Settings and scroll down to Ambient mode. Touch that and you will be able to scroll through choices that let you add images from Google or your images from Facebook, Google Photos, and Flickr.
  • To play music through the television with Chromecast, download Google Play Store. Open the app, choose the cast icon, select Chromecast from the device list, and choose what you need to play, by following our how to setup chromecast on tv solutions you can easily complete a process.

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