Stream Video to Apple TV from Windows

AirParrot is a software developed to stream video to apple tv and also music from windows device. You can stream any video format using the software. iTunes is another way of playing videos from Windows to Apple TV.

  • First, connect your Windows device and Apple TV to a common network.
  • Download AirParrot from its official website.
  • Double-click the downloaded file to run it.
  • Respond appropriately to the installer screen until the installation is complete.
  • Install the AirParrot software on your Windows.
  • Click the Start menu on your computer and select the AirParrot software.
  • Open the AirParrot menu.
  • It is usually present at the bottom of the screen near your system clock.
  • Find the media option and then select it.
  • Open the file you want to AirPlay.
  • From the list of destinations, select the Apple TV option.
  • You can now watch your media streaming on the Apple TV.
stream video to apple tv
  • Alternately, you can import your files to the iTunes app.
  • You need an Apple ID to use this feature.
  • Open iTunes and sign in with your Apple ID.
  • It is advised that you use the same ID for every computer or device on your Home Sharing network.
  • Select the File menu displayed on the top of the iTunes window.
  • From the list of options, select the Home Sharing option.
  • Turn on Home Sharing.
  • You have to keep iTunes on while playing the video, Click for more about to Stream Video to Apple TV.

How to Stream Movies from the External Hard Drive to Apple TV?

Can I Stream a DVD to Apple TV?

Apple does not support the DVD format. However, you can stream videos from it using suitable software or application. The step-by-step instructions for streaming DVD on Apple TV are given below.

  • The first method is converting DVD to Apple-supported format using third-party software such as TuneFab DVD Ripper.
  • Install the TuneFab DVD Ripper software on your computer.
  • Insert your DVD into the computer’s hard drive.
  • After the installation, open the software and click the Load Disc option.
  • Select the Load DVD Disc option. This opens the content of the DVD inserted into the computer.
  • Now, go to the Profile section and then select the Apple TV option.
  • Choose a format supported on your Apple TV.
  • Click the Convert option. It takes a few seconds for the conversion to complete.
  • To stream video to apple tv. Now, connect your PC and Apple TV. Go to the System Preferences option on your Mac and select Preferences option.
  • Choose the Display option and then select AirPlay.
  • Click the AirPlay Mirroring option and choose the Office Apple TV option.
  • Another method is to AirPlay from a third-party media player. Insert the DVD into your computer’s hard drive.
  • Open VLC and select the Open Disc option from the File menu.
  • Go to the System Preferences window, select the Displays option, and choose AirPlay.
  • Enable the AirPlay Mirroring feature. You can now see the VLC window on your Apple TV screen.

VLC Stream Video to Apple TV

VLC is an important and useful playback tool that supports any video format. The tool lets you access the media files in connected local directories. You can stream VLC using the Remote Playback feature.

  • Open Apple TV on your HDTV and wait for the home screen to load.
  • Open the App Store on your computer.
  • Search for VLC and install it.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the VLC app.
  • Select the Remote Playback option.
  • Scroll down to select the Enable Remote Playback option.
  • The VLC Remote Playback will be activated. An address will be displayed on the Apple TV.
  • Now, open a browser from the computer connected to your local network.
  • Type the address in the address bar of your browser.
  • The Remote Playback screen appears.
  • Drag and drop a video file on the browser pane.
  • Alternately, enter the URL of the video that you want to stream.
  • Otherwise, click the ‘+’ symbol to access the File Explorer.
  • Browse the video file in your local files.
  • Now it stream video to apple tv, video can now be played.

How to Solve Streaming issue to Apple TV in VLC Player?

VLC may sometimes crash while streaming videos using it on Apple TV. The video may buffer, stop suddenly, or may not stream at all. The solutions to these issues are given here.

  • To fix the skipping and lagging issues on VLC, proceed with the steps below.
  • Launch the VLC app and select the Tools menu.
  • Choose the Preferences option available at the bottom of the screen.
  • The Advanced Preferences screen opens.
  • Select the All option under the Show Settings menu.
  • Now, look for the Input/Codecs option in the list of options displayed above.
  • If you are streaming a video file from a local hard drive, select the File Caching option displayed on the right side.
  • If the Cache value is set in milliseconds, increase the value to 1000.
  • You can also try using a different output module.
  • Select the Output Modules option from the Advanced Settings menu.
  • The direct 3D video feature will offload processing onto the video card.
  • Try lowering the picture quality so that the video plays without buffering.
  • If the stream video to apple tv is lagging while playing, modify the caching value.
  • Open the Preferences option from the Tools menu on the VLC player.
  • Find the Network caching (ms) option from the Input/Codes section.
  • Increase the value to 1000 and click Save.
  • You can also try disabling the Hardware decoding option.
  • Open the Preferences window on your VLC.
  • Select the Hardware-accelerated decoding option and then disable it.
  • Click the Save option. If the issue persists, uninstall and reinstall the VLC app.

How to Stream Video to Apple tv from Mac using VLC Player?

Apple TV proves to be a great entertainment solution, but is limited by the number of formats it can play. However, several apps can play these formats; one of them is VLC. It is supported by several operating systems.

  • First, ensure that your Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch your Apple TV and wait for the home screen to appear.
  • From your Mac, find the video you want to play and play it using VLC media player.
  • Now, click the TV icon on the top-right screen.
  • All the devices connected to your network will be displayed.
  • Find the Apple TV and select it.
  • Select the Audio option in the top-left side of the VLC media screen and then select the Audio Device option.
  • Choose the Audio Settings option.
  • Ensure that the AirPlay feature is enabled.
  • Select Video next to the Audio option.
  • It is recommended to select the Full-screen option
  • Play a video of your choice on the VLC app. Watch the streaming on your Apple TV.
  • To stop streaming the video, select the TV icon on the playback controls and then turn off AirPlay.
  • Alternately, you can mirror the entire Mac display to the Apple TV.
  • Click the Apple menu and then select the System Preferences option.
  • Go to the Display option and then choose the “Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available” option.
  • Choose your Apple TV from the list of devices connected to the network.
  • Select the Apple TV option. If you see an AirPlay passcode on the TV, enter the passcode on your Mac.
  • Click the TV option on the menu bar to adjust the size of desktop mirrored on your TV.
  • Choose the Mirror Built-in Display option to match the size of your desktop. Else, select the Mirror Apple TV option to match the size of your Apple TV, We hope you have achieved stream video to apple tv from mac.