Apple Live Streaming Software

There are now several Apple Live Streaming Software and apps that are compatible with Apple TV. Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, etc., are some of the streaming services that can be used for live streaming your favorite program.

apple live streaming software

How to Get Apple Streaming Software?

  • Navigate to the official Hulu website.
  • Create a Hulu account. If you have already created one, then log in using the email and password.
  • Select the Manage my Account option.
  • You will be redirected to the Add-ons page.
  • Click the Manage option next to the Add-ons option.
  • Navigate to the Live TV Add-on option. Switch to the Live TV plan.
  • Add a subscription and then select the Continue option.
  • After entering your zip code, select Confirm. Now you can use the Hulu with Live TV app on your Apple TV.
  • Ensure that your Apple device is connected to a stable network.
  • Launch the Apple TV on your HDTV.
  • Use the Apple TV remote to open the App Store.
  • Type Hulu in the search field using the on-screen keyboard.
  • Apple Live Streaming Software, Select the Hulu with Live TV app and install it.
  • Use your Hulu account credentials to log in.
  • If you have already subscribed to the live plan, you can straightaway stream live videos.
  • Another option is to use the Livestream app which is pre-installed on the App Store app.
  • Launch the app after installing it.
  • You will find featured content readily available.
  • Select a live event. You can initially watch the live preview.
  • After clicking the Watch button, you can live stream the event.

Stream video using Apple Live Streaming Software from the Internet to Apple TV

The AirBrowser app enables Apple TV to function as a desktop browser. The method is different from the standard screen mirroring feature. You can use the iOS device as a remote while streaming the playback video on your TV.

Steam Video from Internet to Apple TV

  • Install the Safari App on your Mac device.
  • Ensure that your device and Apple TV are connected to the network.
  • Search the web for the video that you want to play.
  • Find the AirPlay icon on the video and click it.
  • From the list of devices, select Apple TV.
  • An AirPlay code will be displayed on the TV.
  • Enter the code on your Mac to connect it to Apple TV.
  • You can now browse any video on the Internet and watch it on your Apple TV.
  • Another way of playing Internet videos is by installing a browsing app on Apple TV.
  • From the Apple TV’s home screen, navigate to the App Store.
  • Apple Live Streaming Software, Search for the AirBrowser app and select it.
  • Choose the Install option.
  • Wait for the app to download.
  • Launch the app, browse your video, and stream it.
  • You can use the YouTube TV app to stream videos from the Internet directly.
  • Install the app from App Store. If prompted, provide your Apple ID and password.
  • Launch the app and sign in to YouTube TV if you already have an account.
  • You can add extra channels to YouTube TV by paying a small fee.
  • To watch live videos, select the Live option on the main screen.
  • Choose a Category and watch your favorite videos online.

How to stream Internet video from iMac to Apple TV?

Internet videos can be streamed directly using the AirPlay feature. The Safari browser can be casted on your Apple TV, or you can Airplay YouTube-like apps to watch Internet videos on Apple TV.

Internet Video Stream from iMac to Apple TV

  • Launch your Apple TV on HDTV.
  • Wait for the home screen to display.
  • Ensure that your iMac and Apple TV are connected to a common network.
  • Swipe up the bottom of your iMac screen.
  • The Control center with a list of options comes up.
  • Select the Screen Mirroring option.
  • Find the Apple TV and select it.
  • A passcode appears on your Apple TV.
  • Enter the password on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can now view your device screen on the Apple TV.
  • Start playing videos from the Internet using YouTube or a similar internet-based app.
  • To stop mirroring, open the Control center and stop mirroring.
  • Another option is to directly Airplay the particular video that you are playing from the Internet.
  • Launch the Safari browser and open the video that you want to AirPlay.
  • Find the AirPlay icon at the bottom of the screen and tap it.
  • Select the Apple TV option from the list of devices.
  • Now your device is switched to AirPlay mode.
  • Once the video starts to AirPlay, you can see the Safari screen graying out.
  • A message stating that the video is playing on the Apple TV appears on the screen.
  • Start watching your video on Apple TV, by our steps you can complete a apple live streaming software installation.