Kodi Buffering Issues

Kodi buffering errors can occur because of several reasons. It can occur if the speed of your Internet connection is slow, network issues, limited bandwidth, throttling connectivity speeds and more. The solutions on how to rectify kodi buffering issues are provided on this site.

kodi buffering issues

Solution for How to Fix Kodi Buffering Problems?

  • Exit all other download processes that are running on your Personal Computer.
  • Other downloads will consume additional resources and the bandwidth can cause the buffering problem.
  • Create a large buffer by pausing the video for at least two to three minutes.
  • It allows your system to download many videos so that you can watch them without a pause.
  • Update your Internet connection by contacting your ISP for a better plan.
  • Remove the cache and cookies data of your web browser; this helps you decrease the lag and buffering time.
  • Try utilizing a two-band router with a five Giga Hertz network; it is most suitable for streaming content and reduces buffering.
  • If multiple devices are used on the same Wireless Fidelity network, it consumes extra bandwidth and causes buffering.
  • Make sure to use an active Internet when you are streaming videos.
  • Make use of antivirus software to detect and delete viruses which can improve the speed of the Internet connection.

How to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues on Amazon Fire Stick?

  • Stop the video you are streaming and then close the Kodi application.
  • Wait for a few hours and then try watching the video again.
  • If the same stream does not function properly, try another one.
  • Instead of using Kodi, try using other applications such as YouTube or Netflix.
  • If the buffering issue is resolved when you use another app, then the error is with the remote server and not your Amazon Fire Stick.
  • Try streaming the video through another device such as your smartphone or laptop.
  • Install the Kodi app on that device and then play the content.
  • Buffering mainly occurs because of storage and cache problems.
  • Restart your Amazon Fire Stick by navigating to the Settings window.
  • Choose Device and then tap the Restart button. The older versions of Kodi might cause an issue.
  • Ensure that you use the latest version of the Kodi application to overcome the kodi buffering issues, Open the VPN software on your Amazon Fire Stick and search for a server with a faster Internet, and then stream the content.